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Previous Hannity shows hosted by Rose.

This time I asked Quinn to say hello and give an update. We cannot go anywhere without someone stopping us and asking about the future of the show. Your reaching out to us in that way has been a tremendous support for us. We are truly grateful to all of you.

Here is Quinn’s message:

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As you all know we are not permitted to do much of anything for a 6 months period starting back in November. With all that is transpiring now it is as frustrating to us as it is to you. Your support has been like nothing I have experienced in a lifetime of doing radio. Our affiliates report the same response and all are looking forward to our return. While there are developments on that front, they are still in the formative stages and it would be premature to discuss them at this time. Suffice it to say we truly miss all of you and thank you again for your dedication to our show.

In the mean time the cost of keeping up the web site and all that goes with it continues. I was considering standing by an on-ramp of I-76 with a sign that reads “Will rant for food” but with the coldest winter of the age of Global Warming I thought better of it. Instead I would ask that you check out the gift shop for some neat stuff that makes great gifts for your conservative friends. They can also serve to tick off that liberal co worker who keeps sending you articles from Mother Jones. Any support to help us keep the site up is greatly appreciated. In the mean time we will keep you informed of any upcoming appearances or return to the air.