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Message From Quinn and Rose:
Dear Listeners:
We know that Pittsburgh Radio is being shaken up a bit! And many of you are asking us where we might fit into all of this.
To answer that question we can tell you only this right now: Keep checking our page.

Message From Rose:

WE’RE GOING. JOIN US. I have an exciting invitation that I’d like to extend to you. It comes at the end of this message. I’ve extended the invitation to Quinn and he too will be there! But, before I get to the invitation, I’d like you to think about the following message from my heart:

I know that you will agree that not only is our nation showing signs of great distress – but there is a tangible growing global unrest as well. Some of us are experiencing our own personal hardships. Many are experiencing unemployment, family disputes, health issues, and other disappointments. Even if we are not struggling personally, we certainly know of at least one person who is. When I consider all that is happening around me — my only hope remains in God. I truly believe we have an opportunity to turn things around, but I also believe it is a fleeting opportunity. For our sakes, and the sake of our America – we MUST keep the faith.

It is entirely possible that without the Pilgrim’s faith, and the faith our Founding Fathers, we would not be the free country that we are today. I’d like to remind you that before we became that great country — that free country – a most significant, and in my opinion, absolutely necessary event occurred; The Great Awakening.

At that time in our history there was a general feeling amongst the people that there must be a declaration of freedom from tyrannical rule. No more would our fathers tolerate a ruler mandating how they would worship their God. They believed that God, and God alone, was the author of their faith. John Adams often insisted in his later years that; “The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.”

The people that gave us this great nation experienced a change in sentiment that was so powerful, so wide spread, and so influential, that it served to shape the most significant events in our history. Benjamin Franklin said of the Great Awakening; “It seems as though all the world were growing religious, so one could not walk through the town in the evening without hearing psalms sung in different families of every street.” Can you even imagine that? Walking through the streets of a town and hearing the residents singing praises to God from inside their homes? Historical accounts of that time tell us that whole towns were literally converted to God. In fact, many churches saw their membership more than double during that time.

I believe that a return to our spiritual roots is absolutely the key to a a restored America. I also believe that the journey towards restoration begins within each one of us. For our country to become whole once again, we must do as the people Adams spoke of. We must begin to change our hearts and minds and take a very serious course towards a renewed religious attitude of OUR duties and obligations. It begins with our personal walk and commitment to God – every bit as much as it began for those who lived over 280 years ago. Many agree that without the Great Awakening the events leading to the birth of our nation as a free nation under God, would have never happened. Not only does America need restored, but you and I need restored as well.

Two years ago a few people from Pittsburgh wrote Billy Graham Ministries asking them to consider putting our great city on their traveling agenda. Those people did not know each other. One of them was our own Patti Weaver with the local tea party! This summer , because of those letters, BGEA has done just that. On August 15th, 16th and/or 17th you could experience a life changing event! Billy Graham Ministries is bringing the Festival of Hope to Pittsburgh’s CONSOL Energy Center; featuring great concerts and a message of hope from Franklin Graham. AND – It is absolutely free. Saturday evening is a special evening for students and promises to be a great encouragement for them. The students will enjoy a free concert by Lecrae and others. Friday and Sunday features some great concerts like Michael W. Smith, Charlie Daniels Band, Kari Jobe, Tenth Avenue North and others. For more details go to: . If you feel you are already walking in your faith as you should, would you consider bringing a friend who could use a boost in their faith?

I believe that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association event brings hope to cities across the country and that hope is essential in transforming lives and meeting the needs of the people in those cities. Friends, it is no coincidence that BGEA is visiting Pittsburgh. I believe God wants to do something great here. There are 48 denominations and 500 churches participating in the preparation and execution of the event, and the subsequent follow up. Bishop Zubick has endorsed this and is part of the opening ceremony on Sunday, August 17th. A front page story in the Pittsburgh Catholic has Bishop Zubick encouraging Catholics to be involved with evangelism and the Festival of Hope.

This event, as the Great Awakening, transcends denominations. This is about bringing us together in our faith. And when that kind of attempt is successful – there is no telling what God can do – for a city – and for a nation. We have seen it before in the history of this great country — don’t you think it is time we saw it again? Not just for our sake, but for the sake of our children and their children.

Quinn and Rose will be there that weekend at the Consol Energy Center. Please join us.